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Client Testimonials

I have been coached by Alan of Mercury Running for approximately 6 months now, and to say when I first started the coaching sessions I was a typical runner going for plodding runs and increasing my distance to suit what ever event I had entered at the time.

Then along came Alan and the coaching sessions firstly not only teaching me how to do a proper warm up and cool down but also in order to improve as a runner you have to  change things  which I am glad to say I did.  one fundamental thing Alan taught me was the 'chatty pace' for easy runs.  Following this advice, I was better prepared for this years Derby Half Marathon and it got a time of sub 2 Hour which was a PB.

We have been currently working towards a fast 10k on Sunday the 06th of October. then onto my first marathon.

I  a receive weekly  training plan from Alan which has worked very well and I have improved as a runner massively Alan has introduced me to interval training Fartlec and pyramid running all of which has helped me improve as a runner and i am starting to understand pacing in more. 

Alan is very knowledge helpful and a good all round coach. i would have no hesitation   in recommending Alan. 

Ray S

I’ve had some really fun coaching from Alan this year to improve my overall running but with a focus on trail running for ultra marathons. My uphill running has improved loads and my posture is improving. Alan has delivered a real variety of sessions including uphill and downhill techniques, obstacle courses and speed work.

It’s been really useful and great fun. I am looking forward to what’s next and working on improving my running more.

Kel R

When I started training with Alan, I had been running for a few years but I didn’t really know what I was doing. Alan has taught me some great training techniques and theories, but I think most importantly how to understand my own body and what I’m capable of.

Paul W

Testimonials: Testimonials
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