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Fancy Dress, Mud and Fun

Running is great, we can all run regardless of what ever level one may run at. Yeah and running hard and doing well and setting new PB's is all well and good we all have to remember to have fun. If we dont enjoy our running then why should we carry on with it?

This weekend, I have had a fab weekend of running. Firstly last Friday evening on a dark dank & wet evening, I ran an off road relay in the dark in fancy dress with head torches. My team mates (Team had a class name of Scooby Doo, where are you?) each ran our 2 miles in our fancy dress, just for fun! And it was fun. We laughed, had a good time - just enjoying the event at the Hairy Scary Helmet. (Picture c/o Mick Hall Photos)

It didn't stop there, as Sunday was the first day of the cross country season - so more mud! The race was at the Anslow Equestrian Centre, and this has proved to b popular since it entered the race calendar a couple of year ago. Yes it has a few hills, but it has a jump obstacle we have to jump over and then through the water feature - which was cold. A day where the club came together, the great and the good, but all see the XC as something different, and it is something where we run for the club.

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