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Common mistakes in training, that we all do!

We all run and go out for our own reasons. For those members who are new or maybe a little more uncertain on how to approach training and running, there are some common mistakes that many will make, here are a few:

1. Going out too fast – yep we have all done it at one stage. Engages the wrong muscle fibres, energy system and then means lack of energy for session.

2. Doing the Same Thing – most of us have fallen into the trap of running the same distances and at the same pace. Our bodies will adjust to this, but will not develop beyond it thus when we want to run hard in a race or event, we struggle.

3. Not listening to the body – if something hurts (and I mean painful) it is a sign from our bodies that something is not right and we should rest and recover. Many of us train through pain – all this is to prolong the injury and add any recovery/rehab time. Which then adds more frustration to ourselves.

4. Not taking it easy – it is the hardest thing in running – the art of running slow but will allow one to increase distances, builds up aerobic base and allow for better recovery.

5. Just running – best way to improve running is just to run? Doing some alternative type of training will aid the bodies all round development. Core, agility, balance, conditioning different muscle groups, co-ordination, technique – all will help!

6. Workouts, or the lack of them – doing something different will aid a runners development – especially doing some high intensity workouts: intervals, fartleks, tempo, pyramids.

7. Oh – missed a run, need to inc my mileage on the next one – not the best approach. If training has been missed, in the words of Elsa, ‘Let it go!’

8. Stats, stats & stats – the increase of smart watches means we have a lot more stats for us to look at. Too many stats leads to poor direction in our training. Why not run without ones watch?

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