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Improve your running with Alan

Running Coach to all Levels

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What I want to offer you

If you are new to running, or more experienced I can offer you a way to run better.

For the new runner, how to build up your running. For those a little more experienced, maybe a way to improve your running, or wanting to step up in distance, but not sure the best way.  Then I can help you on this journey.

1-2-1 Personal Coaching

A session where it is only you and I, where you are the center of the session.  These sessions will help you develop various training methods to improve your running.  Develop your technique, understand training principles, learn the jargon - regardless of the aim of the session, they are geared towards your goals.

Personal Training Plan

I can offer you a personal training plan to aid you in your running development.  This will be based on a discussion with yourself to allow me to understand your current running and future goals.  From this, I can put forward a plan for you to follow on that journey.

Supported Coaching

An alternative to the basic plan, is an on-going supported coaching system.This is an on going month to month system based on a 2 way communication: feedback to you runs, with development of the schedule.  It means you are not left completely to your own.

Goals and targets are set after conversations with yourself.

Contact me today for more information or questions.

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Client Testimonials

Alan is very knowledge helpful and a good all round coach. i would have no hesitation   in recommending Alan. 

Ray S

I’ve had some really fun coaching from Alan this year to improve my overall running but with a focus on trail running for ultra marathons. My uphill running has improved loads and my posture is improving. 

Kel R

When I started training with Alan, I had been running for a few years but I didn’t really know what I was doing. Alan has taught me some great training techniques and theories, but I think most importantly how to understand my own body and what I’m capable of.

Paul W

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I often hear people say,,'I am not a real runner'. We are all runners, just some run faster than others.

Bart Yasso

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